Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A little Surgery for a little Guy

London In the hospital, originally uploaded by shellieartist.

We noticed something odd a little over a week ago. It turned out to be a very Large Hernia. After seeing the urologist we discovered that it was the better of the kinds of hernias. It was basically a pocket of fluid. That was last Monday...they set up surgery for last Friday. We were a little nervous just because they had to put London under. This photo is him after they gave him some HAPPY Juice. Isn't he so cute in his little peach hospital gown.
His surgery went great and they actually found another one forming on the other side (which is pretty common). He came home and slept on me all day. We could not put him down to walk b/c he was givin a shot very similar (but not quite as strong) as an epidural in his tail bone. After 2 days of Tylenol with coddine he is totally back to normal. His incisions are glued shut (yep-glued) and he can have a bath like normal and everything. The only thing is we have to be a little careful with the way we pick him up (can't straddle him on our sides for 2 weeks). All in all he is fine and we know what a little trooper he is. I just Love him so!!!!
He has been extra sweet lately (minus a few tantrums here and there). He loves all his stuffed animals and I think he might just think they are real. hee hee
Love ya kiddo!
Your Mommy


BackwoodSophisticate said...

Shellie, that has to be the best hospital picture ever! I am so glad everything went well with his surgery. I know that must have been scary.
London can totally rock peach!!!

ibelieveinhugs said...

London is truly gorgeous!!! What fabulous eyes! I am glad that everything turned out well. I enjoy checking out your art and actually hope to buy a piece or two sometime.

shellieartist said...

thanks ya'll...I appreciate the kind words! He is really doing so good and is such a happy little guy!!! :)