Saturday, April 12, 2008

My little Doodles

Well the past week has been really slow in my little Etsy shop. I am starting to get a bit discourage. I am hoping that some multiple sales are around the corner for me as I am really trying to make a living here. I am trying so hard not to be negative about it but it is hard to not questions your self and your work when no one seems to want it- ha ha.

Ok enough of that. I have been trying to get back to my roots a bit and sketch more. Now that I actually have a good scanner and can scan them in (b/c they do not photograph well) I plan on doing just that. I bought some white card stock a few months ago in hopes of using it to make cards and stuff with my printer but boy was that a mistake. My printer only likes really really EXPENSIVE paper to make it's archival prints on- and really I don't blame it. So instead I realized that this card stock works beautifully with my colored pencils and is very sturdy when painted on. I then scan in my doodles and transform them into Archival Prints- yippee.

Here are 2 that I did tonight - so fun. And yes I know that I tend to make sad little drawings. I am happily married with a great husband and baby boy. I just always like sad subject matter. I do many many happy pieces too- so just remember that!

"Tangled Red" - Colored Pencil on Paper - Now Archival Print 8.5 x 11

"She Felt like Sinking" - Colored Pencil on Paper - Now Archival Print 8.5 x 11


ibelieveinhugs said...

I definitely want your work, Shellie! You know how that money thing is ... Please know that you are talented and appreciated. You have a gift. Hang in there. :)

shellieartist said...

awww thank you ibelieveinhugs!!! I am hanging in here,,,sometimes I just need to vent out some frustrations. I said on the forums last night that I was waitng for some sales b/c there were a few things that I want to buy on etsy....perhaps a lot of others are doing the same- ha ha
Hopefully our taxes will be back soon and I will not have to worry so much - I have always been a bit of a worry-wart :(