Monday, March 16, 2009

Featuring "the paper bead girl" aka my friend Vicki!

About a year ago I met this wonderful customer of mine named Vicki. She bought a few pieces from me and quickly became a friend. We actually began chatting on the phone here and there about this fantastic idea/invention she had. Finally after a little push of incouragement I help Vicki go from being a buyer only to a proud shop owner. I am in no way taking much credit b/c for someone who was convinced she had no artist talent..she sure did! Her shop has been very successful and her invention (paper bead rolling tool) has been such a hit. I think she has really help others who enjoyed making paper beads but did not have a uniformed or quick way. Also, I think she has brought the art of making them to many people who never would have tried otherwise.
Vicki's etsy shop is HERE or watch a video of her showing off how to use her fabulous tool HERE
Thanks Vicki for being such a wonderful friend, etsian, facebook friend, supporter and customer of mine!

I always love these bowls and have almost bought them for myself several time (hee hee). I do not see them in her shop right now but I swiped a picture a few weeks ago as I have been meaning to feature her.

Here is her "Paper bead roller X 2" - she sells these things like hotcakes. I believe that she makes each and everyone of them (with a little help from her family) and they are patent don't go try to make your own, just order one from her for $16- What a deal!

Could this purse be any more unique and georgous. Really Vicki has out done herself. She has many other purse designs but this one is my personal favorite!

Here is a close up of a batch of beads she had made and are for sale. They are called Neopolitan and they totally make me think of Baskin Robins- LOL
I encourage all of you to hop on over to Vicki's shop and see all her goodies, you will not be disappointed!

I just put this one up in the shop. It is drawn in black and then digitally colored. I play around with photoshop here and there and am getting a little better. I think this print looks a little better in person. I am slightly obsessed with odd shaped images so I am sure there will be more of these.
She is called "The Looker"

I participated in a show this past Sat. I used to run a show called Starving Artist and I know that sometime you can put all the advertising out there to the world and sometimes the crowds still do not make it. Well, this show was very very slow as the weather was so crappy. It was about 40 degrees and raining cats and dogs. There was actually a 5 K that ran from there that morning and there were 150 think maybe 20 actually showed up to run. I had one good sale and made some good connections. Sometimes networking with other vendors or local folks with connections can make a slow show worth it. Anyway, here was my set up and I will do a little more research with the next show....I think when there is wine and cheese involved the crowd tends to buy more. And who doesn't like a glass of wine to sip on while sitting behind your table of art- ha ha.

Off to venture out in this rain...have a great Monday everyone!


jess gonacha said...

wow, her work is awesome! and yours looks so good at the show! YAY!

and i love that your boy is named London- that is GREAT name, and I love the meaning behind it. :)

shellieartist said...

Thank you Jess- I am having so much fun popping over to you blog regularly- you are a busy busy bee and everything you do is just, well, AWESOME! (but I have always thought that- hee hee)
Glad you like my sons name...we do too!