Monday, March 9, 2009

High Hopes...for an Alaskan visit

"Wedding Day" Original Fabric on Wood piece in the shop now.
I love making my own handmade wedding gifts when friends and family get hitched. Thought I would make one for the shop. Also, I have had many request (usually by the couple) in my etsy shop for an original wedding piece depicting them on their special day or as a happy couple. Don't know why but I just love making them!

"Lil Bacon" - Original Fabric on Wood piece in the shop and part of my Mod Kitchen Collection
We tend to eat turkey bacon here at my house for the occasional breakfast or BLT. This one is for all you Bacon Lovers out there!

London and I played together the other morning. I usually love weekends when the hubby is home and doesn't have to work. He snapped a few shots of us, doing what we do. London is playing with playdoh. We get out all of his letter magnets and punch then intot he playdoh for the reverse letter...Oh so fun.

Now..yes I am in my PJ and planting seeds in my seed starter. Many are popping up already and are just waiting for the dump truck of good dirt to arrive...oh and the warm weather.
I did plant 2 blackberry bushes and 2 raspberry plants yesterday. Going to order my blueberry bushes in a few weeks and we will be that much closer to wonderful homemade goodies!

I am getting ready for a show in Rock Hill on Sat. My etsy shop will be a bit bare for a few hours (all but my prints). Hoping to sell a bunch as I would love to be able to buy a plane ticket to go visit my sister in Alaska (she leaves in about a month to go back for 6 months). I rarely get to go on trips far far away and I just know I would love to visit Alaska. Once London was born and I quit my job we have been on a very tight budget. Keeping my fingers crossed that my plan works out...maybe I will get to go in August. I've got high HOPES!



**Robin** said...

This is soo beautiful..I hope you make a lot of sales to go to Alaska..I would love to go too..!!Your son is adorable and your twin..!! Robin

shellieartist said...

Hee Hee..thank you Robin, I have been hearing that my son looks just like me a lot lately. Of course he is way cuter! Also, thank you for the Alaska wishes...I am so hoping. My other sister got to go visit her last Aug. and had a blast! She got to take a tour of the Deadliest Catch boat and all kind of other things for free..b/c Christie has the hook up. Ahhhh, crossing fingers! :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi shellie!
oh these are wonderful! you are going to have a great show this weekend!
i know you will get to go on your trip too!