Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My New ArtFire Studio

Well in looking to branch out a bit from etsy I have opened up an ArtFire Studio. I am just selling prints right now to start with. I may eventually sell some originals there as well. The site is still in Beta but is growing fast. They have some great features, one of them being the rapid cart. I have a link to it right here on my blog if you scroll down and look to the left. This means that you can buy prints directly from my ArtFire studio from my blog securely in about 30 seconds. I find that to be really cool! You can find my artfire shop Here. Feel free to come stop by, I am sure that I will throw in a few extras to my very first customer there!
We had a totally unexpected snowy night the other night (March 1st). Of course we had so much rain the few days before that the snow barely stuck out here. Scott and I ventured out late night after London had gone to bed to see how much was coming down. He did get the next day off of work but the roads were not bad out here at all - at least not compared to Charlotte.

We tried to collect snow to make Snow Cream with London in the morning but didn't really get enough to make any.

Scott and I on the front porch a little after Midnight.

It was quite chilly out and we kept capturing our breaths when trying to capture the snow.

"French Toast" - Original fabric on wood piece new in my Etsy shop now...part of my Mod Kitchen Collection. I am so pleased with the way this one turned out. Hoping someone snatches it up soon!
Alrighty, off to get the little man up and off we go outside to play in the sunshine and drawn with sidewalk chalk (a daily activity we enjoy).


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi shellie!
oh how fun! i LOVE your new french toast piece! i have it on my wish list!
congratulations on your new shop!

shellieartist said...

Thanks M. :) if you ever have any fresh ideas for my Mod Kitchen collection feel free to spill em. I have a few ideas in my brain but just have to get them out..soon. Of course I just found out my hubby will be out of town all weekend for work so not sure how soon- ha ha take care.

Tara said...

Hi Shellie
Your Artfire shop is lovely; I love your style. I would love to know how you get the prints done; do you scan your work and get it printed professionally? I'd really like to get prints done of some of my work but have no idea where to start!
Loving the French Toast by the way!
Tara x

shellieartist said...

Hi Tara- thank you! Ok, here we go...I spent a few months researching and asking around on the etsy forums on how to do my own prints. What I do is either scan in my work (drawings and small paintings) or take pictures of my fabric pieces in direct sunlight and upload them.
I bought an Epson R1800 inkjet photo printer (which I am not sure they sell this model anymore..but the R2200 is comparable). This printer (or really you could use any printer that uses archival inks which I think there are some HP's out there that do) uses Genuine Epson Archival inks.
Then I use Epson premium heavyweight matte paper.
I get my inks, paper and non-rigid bend proof mailers anywhere I can find with a good deal. Oh and I order my poly clear bags from I hope this helps...let me know if you have any other questions as I am happy to help anytime. So many pointed me in the right direction when I was asking so I love to give my words of wisdom- ha ha

jess gonacha said...

what fun images! and that photo of you two is so sweet. :)

shellieartist said...

Thank you Jess! :)