Friday, March 27, 2009

Multiple Rainy Days

New piece that is almost done...they always look so much better once polyurethaned so keep an eye out. It will be finished later today but we are suppose to have a rainy weekend so I may not be able to get it photographed until next week.
Speaking of rain, we have had to delay our delivery of dirt for the garden. Hopefully we can get the garden going next weekend b/c the seeds planted indoors almost 6 weeks ago are ready to spread their roots and claim their chunk of the earth.
Now if you have children then you know all about being trapped indoors on rainy days. You know one rainy day here and there, no big deal, right? Well when the whole week is rainy, and you have a toddler who lives to play outside, then you have yourself a recipe for many tantrums. We have had to get a little creative this week so here are some shots of all the fun we have had while trapped inside.

This is one of my favorite things we did. London loves to color and for now he is still in diapers so we always have several large boxes waiting to go to the recycling center. Normally we just color at the table and it provides approx. 8 - 12 minutes of entertainment. Well tack on an extra 10 mins of fun when you can sit in a box and color. Almost as fun as drawing outside with chalk (almost).

Next we had the fortunate pleasure of getting the Toddler Water table delivered that I ordered online for London last week. Normally we will play with this outside as it requires your clothes get soaked and splashing in the house gets old for mommy. But it came the other day so we had to test it out (rain or shine). As you can see London started out fully dressed.
We played before naptime. When it was time to go down he did not put up a fight (score I wore him out...wrong). He actually never fell asleep but just played in his crib. I decided to be a nice mommy and keep the water table set up for him to play with after nap time which I think was the problem. He kept wanting more and more water and finally it was just a big mess on the kitchen floor so I had had enough. He watched me slowly empty one Nalgen bottle at a time. It was a slow and painful process until total meltdown while I tried to find somewhere to hide it. Ah the joys of being a mother...I acutally sat down and laughed at the whole situation. Needless to say we are waiting for the sunshine to come back out before we play with the water table (outside) again. Although the toys that came with it make for great bath fun!

Yup he tried to climb in... LOL

Lots of bath times...b/c bath's are fun! (do you see all the drawing he has done in the tub with his tub crayons- how can I not let him)?

London hanging out in our dog Alex's crate...yee haw

Granny and Grandaddy stopped by yesterday. London ran circles while singing and we all thought it was cute.

We are supposed to have 2 or 3 more days of this rainy stuff. Hopefully the sun will peek back out soon so this mommy does not go insane. tee hee :) We have a play date this morning and then we are all going to eat some of the best Thai food (from a resturant) around...hello Bo Thai! Yum


marianne said...

I came over from Melissa who bought one of your wonderful pieces of art.
I love your work!
And your little boy is a cutie!

shellieartist said...

Marianne, thank you so much (isn't Melissa great!) I am so happy you stopped by.

Alicia said...

If you don't mind me asking, how much was that water table? I didn't know they made those - Mason would LOVE it.

shellieartist said...

Hey Lisha- yes he would love it. I did a google search for "toddler water tables" and found a variety of prices. This was the cheapest one but there are many many others. I got it on the step2 website and I believe it was $34.99 and $12.99 to ship. So easy to snap together and once it warms back up I think it is going to be hours and hours of fun. Let me know what you end up with if you order one. They have ones you can put sand in one side too but London seems to prefer water so I stuck with this one!