Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunny days call for lots of Shade.

Original drawing on the wood...then comes the colored pencil and then fabric. I love mixing mediums and I think if my studio was not upstairs and I didn't have a "get into everything" toddler, I would be up there mixing messy mediums a lot more. ha

"I Wish you Over the Moon" - new original fabric/colored pencil piece in the shop now. I really love how she turned out. She is a little different then most of my girls with her short hair. Come see her in the shop Here.

"Green Patch II" - original fabric on wood piece in the shop now Here
Slightly different from the first green patch piece but just as lovely.
I have to say it has been beautiful around here lately. We are joining the pool again this summer but I am a little concerned with my (and London's since he is so young) sun exposure. I have been sun blocking up with my ultra sunblock (blue lizard) and yesterday we were out working on the garden and I helped Scott a little bit with a leaky faucet. Then when London got up later in the afternoon we went out to play with chalk. I actually got slightly sunburned right on my clavicle/chest area where I had my first spot of Basal cell skin cancer in Nov. I am freaking out. Is the best sunblock not enough to keep my skin lilly white (and just as importantly London's)? I usually wear my gigantic hat but just got caught up in the day yesterday. I will have to figure out something more then regularly sun blocking and wearing big hats...the sun can not get through to me. ugh

Look what we did on Saturday!

The elementary school down the street - which I am assuming is where London will go when he is old enough - had a Spring Fling Festival. Here is Scott and London going down the giant slide. My camera was being a bit poky so I didn't get any really good shots. This was the only inflatable London got on..he could have cared less about the others and really just wanted to run around in the empty gym- oooh fun. Then we went into the cafeteria and had hamburger and hot dog plates (chips and a drink) for $3 buck each..such a deal and a fun afternoon. I love when Scott gets to be home the whole weekend and we can hang as a family! yay


Tara said...

Hi Shellie
I Wish You Over The Moon is lovely! I really love seeing how your work comes together. x

shellieartist said...

thank you Tara! I have to admit sometimes I just want to keep the drawings on the wood b/c I am never 100% sure they will turn out after everything else is applied. But I do love her too and think the fabric in the background adds a lot to the piece. Thanks for coming by my blog regularly (makes me smile) :)

Cathy Nichols Art said...

ooooh! I love your new piece, Shellie. The neutral colors are gorgeous, and her face is quite captivating.